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A trip across thousands of miles to see the world's longest art gallery

After seeing the dazzling advertisements on the sides of the underground, the crowded carriages under incandescent lights and the silent or noisy carriages, I never imagined that such a style of underground existed in Stockholm, Sweden.
It's beautiful, like an extra-long painting, all-encompassing and yet distinctly independent.
The history of Stockholm's metro stations
In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Sweden was the largest empire in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea, spanning the entire Baltic Sea and the western part of Russia. Despite subsequent defeats and the shrinking of its territory, its history has given Sweden a unique position in Europe in terms of economy, science, culture and art. Swedish design, be it furniture, clothing or even a humble object, reflects the classic 'Nordic' style of Stockholm's Naval Peninsula.

The designers later used the irregular surfaces of the rocks and then linked them to the historical and cultural characteristics of the different station locations for painting and decoration. As a result, each station can be described as a work of art, and with a metro ticket you can admire sculptures, murals, paintings, decorative art, inscriptions and reliefs from the 1950s to the 21st century.
The Swedish headphone brand Urbanears is also very typical of Scandinavian style; Urbanears, with its minimalist yet childlike design, is in keeping with the modern consumer's lifestyle and is available in a variety of charming colours, enough to conquer the eye and has an artistic lineage with Stockholm's metro stations.
T-Centralan Station
T-Centralen station is the largest interchange station in Stockholm, and with a daily passenger flow of 167,000, T-Centralen is one of the busiest stations on the metro line.
The theme of this station is the ancient Athenian Olympic Games, and the blue and white olive leaf motifs on the walls are intended to soothe the anxiety of waiting passengers, as blue is always a calming and calming colour. A mural with underwater imagery is painted at traffic points, and vines or olive motifs grow upwards from the perimeter of the aisle, with either hard or soft leaves, and either single or overlapping branches.
The T-centralen Central Station, with its "Nordic" freshness and simplicity, creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere for passengers, just like JAKAN's stylish in-ear headphones, with its "work and play" attitude. The JAKAN in-ear headphones have a "work and play" attitude to life. The small and lightweight shape is rich in substance. Feel free to give your hard-working study and work a musical treat to relieve the tense spirit and heavy stress of everyday life.

Stadion Station

A rather small and fresh stop. The light blue walls are set off by bright and colourful flowers and signs. The most eye-catching feature is the rainbow that spans the ends of the rocks. When the train passes by, the rainbow seems to be erected on top of it, and people who look over and see this fresh rainbow can't help but curl their mouths.

The sky-blue walls of Stadion metro station boast a bright rainbow of childlike colours, full of hope and positivity.
Put on the eponymous Stadion wireless Bluetooth sports headphones and feel the multiple energies brought to you by sight and sound at the same time, to complement the HP value of a humdrum life!

Solna Centrum Station
Large saturated reds and large saturated greens collide to create a visual space of illusion and wonder. Thousands of metres of verdant spruce trees stretch out under a red sky, and the large saturated reds and greens of the car create an illusory and strange visual space. The walls depict logging workers, country houses, racing cars, smoky chimneys and polluted streams ...... The environmental concerns of the 70s are clearly visible.

With its bright red colours and cavernous walls, the fire-like sight of the Solna Centrum metro station is both striking and warming, blazing with enthusiasm for life and feeling the warmth of this cold winter.
In Stockholm, people live to live, and this vibrant city has inspired the design of Urbanears. Design, function and sound quality are all part of the city's charm, with endless creativity and colour.

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